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The perfect balance between logic and emotion.
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We create customized marketing strategies, taking into account your project and your budget. Our approach is to use integrated marketing communications to maximize the effectiveness of each action, all within a coherent, living whole. By joining forces with partners who are experts in their respective fields, we are the ideal driving force to propel your brand forward.

Analysis - Positioning - Brand strategy
Digital strategy - Content strategy -
Influence strategy - More!


As design specialists, we embrace creativity to bring singular, memorable visual concepts to life. Through our imaginative approach, we develop bold design strategies, transforming your vision into a reality that resonates in the marketplace.

Brand identity - Advertising visuals - Packaging - Content creation

Our projects

From idea to reality. The fine line between creativity
and conformity. We dare where others retreat.

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Their experience with us

C’est un plaisir de faire affaire avec Antithèse depuis bientôt 5 ans. L’agence nous a accompagnés dans le lancement de la nouvelle marque Beneva et a su faire rayonner la campagne sur plusieurs plateformes sociales. Elles sont toujours disponibles pour faire des brainstorms avec l’équipe, lancer des campagnes multiproduits et les optimiser. Merci pour vos idées et votre apport stratégique!


The relationship we have today with Antithèse has developed over the years. A mutual trust has developed over time, and we now develop projects in synergy with them. Our companies are expanding rapidly, and new projects are constantly arriving on their desks. Despite this, Véro has always made herself available for our thousand and one requests. Fortunately, the Antithèse team has grown with us to support our ever-expanding needs. Now, it's thanks to constant communication, brainstorms, exchanges (sometimes muscular ), questioning and above all a relationship based on honesty, frankness and openness to criticism that we can continue to work and grow together.

Fabio and Alexandre
Groupe Maestro et L’Atelier

I love Antithèse. Véro is like my right-hand man internally, but externally. The professionalism, the structure of their work and the "coaching" aspect is everything I needed to go even further in the company. What's more, my results speak for themselves, so I'm more than satisfied.

Yoga Fitness

From the very first mandate, Antithèse was committed to understanding the essence and personality of our company. At a time when our social networks no longer truly reflected our DNA, Antithèse successfully put them back on track. Antithèse is the perfect marriage of creativity and a serious marketing approach.

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Our brilliant minds

Contrasting personalities in total symbiosis. A small team that does big things.

Une recette gagnante

Véronique Morin

Project manager and owner of Antithèse

Hors normes

Florence Landry

AD and graphic designer

Faire un avec la créativité

Laurence Babin

Graphic designer

Surfer la vague des tendances

Gabrielle Morin

Digital marketing coordinator

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